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Our Mission

JTB is built by four educational professionals who have seen the growth and joy within their students through social opportunities and community involvement. After years of seeing students go from having fulfilling social lives to graduating, and then having very little opportunity to do so, these professionals took a small idea and developed it into something very special. JTB embodies the idea that all individuals should have access to a fulfilling social life, and opportunities to be a part of their community, even after graduating high school.

At JTB, we strive to create an environment where individuals can flourish in a social setting, learn to advocate for themselves, and create meaningful memories with their peers. Our model plans to include services for both parents and young adults in the areas of community activities and socialization, post 21 planning, and family advocacy. At JTB, we feel that this is just the beginning of an amazing opportunity for so many young adults.

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Success for Young Adults

"This is wonderful. You are all special women and I know you will all provide amazing and much needed services.”

— JTB Parent


“JTB has been a great experience for Michael!

Lots of fun activities planned and a great way to socialize with peers.

Experienced staff are always present to facilitate. Very excited to participate with this amazing group moving forward!!”

-JTB Parent, The Popolo Family

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