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Please see some of our commonly asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, we'd love to set up a time to speak! 

Q: What happens during a client intake and why are they necessary? 

A: JTB conducts intakes with all new clients. We do this as a way of getting to know our clients prior to meeting them in person. This allows us to assess clients’ needs and goals and go over any unanswered questions. 


Q: Do you provide transportation to and from events? 

A: JTB does not provide transportation to and from events. We encourage clients to use Uber and Lyft, and would be happy to assist with skills needed to obtain a ride to and from events. 

Q: How do clients pay for events? 

A: JTB clients can pay for events through Quickbooks (a simple process that allows you to pay with a credit card) and Venmo. JTB also accepts DDD funding. If you have a budget with the state of NJ, please ask your support coordinator to reach out to us directly.


Q: Are you a DDD vendor? 

A: Yes, we are! 


Q: What is your main demographic of clients? 

A: Majority of JTB clients are young adults between the ages of 18-40. Many of our clients are actively looking for meaningful social experiences, and a place to meet peers that they can hang out with at JTB events, and form long term friendships with over time. 


Q: Where do most of your events take place? 

A: Most of JTB’s events take place in Bergen and Morris County, NJ. Some of our specialty events happen around Bergen County. 


Q: What services, other than social events, do you offer? 

A: JTB offers one-on-one coaching in independent and daily living skills, transition support from high school to the post-21 world (as well as support in navigating state agencies), and ABA planning and services for children to young adults. 


Q: What are your team’s credentials? 

A: JTB’s team consists of four main partners. All four partners hold NJ teacher certificates, Masters degrees in Special Education as well as other areas of education, and have 10+ years of experience in working with individuals with special needs. One of JTB’s team members also holds her BCBA certification. 


Q: How much do your events typically cost? 

A: JTB’s events cost anywhere from $35.00-$100.00 depending on the activity. Fees of events cover the overhead cost of the event such as ticket prices and entry fees. Clients who receive DDD funding will be offered a discounted price for events based on their budget. During events, the staff at JTB works hard to ensure that we are facilitating conversation and promoting social skills amongst clients. 

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